TAMARILLO MEDIA provides communications, research, policy and business support to government agencies, businesses and industry organisations. We specialise in the creative economy including film, TV, music, performing arts, digital media, visual arts, design, architecture & publishing.  

Tamarillo is closely engaged with emerging trends in the marketplace and current debates on policy and screen and arts funding.

Principal consultant Sue McCreadie has held high level positions in state and federal government and professional associations in the screen and creative industries over the past two decades and has extensive experience in running funding programs, and in managing policy, communications and research projects.


Discord in the music world as equality stalls  -  Finland’s Kaija Saariaho, whose alluring and shimmering sound worlds have made her a candidate for the world’s most revered female composer, has had an uneasy relationship with the feminist label. But in November 2013 she gave the music world a serve, claiming things were going backwards for women...more


Katharine Brisbane's tough love for the arts  She’s been described as the doyenne of Australian theatre and the den mother of Australian playwrights. But this elder of the theatre tribe is also renowned for speaking her mind and she’s recommending some tough love for the sector...more


Shooting sparrows with a canon or whacking moles? As the old adage says, where you stand depends on where you sit. The 115 or so responses to the Government’s discussion paper released in 2014 and the subsequent legislative changes have provided plenty of fodder for further rounds of public exchanges between the camps...more


Tim Kain - performer and mentor: During three decades as a full time lecturer at the ANU School of Music Tim Kain built the guitar department's reputation to the point where it became the "go to" place in Australia, attracting the creme de la creme of up and coming players. Controversial changes saw the school shift away from elite performance training...more