Drawing on our extensive experience in government and industry organisations we bring high level policy, research and communications skills and an in-depth understanding of film, arts and the creative industries. We work with government agencies, businesses and industry organisations providing advice and hands on management of projects. 


Want more effective input into policy, legislation or regulation? We help businesses and industry organisations build a case, with well-researched and succinctly-written policy submissions and briefs to support government lobbying campaigns. We assist government agencies with policy development, guideline reviews and program evaluation.


Need research to back up your policy proposals or industrial negotiations? We are forensic researchers. We can investigate what happens in other jurisdictions, the economic impact of policy proposals and the views of stakeholders. We are experienced with survey design, statistical analysis, literature searches and economic research.


Need help crafting key messages?  We can frame your proposals to have maximum impact with your political audience and the media. We are experienced in speech-writing, media releases, rewriting and editing. We can also curate forums and seminars to help promote debate and industry networking.


Looking for government financial support or grants to help expand your business? We can help you track down the right program and put your case effectively. If you need help with industrial relations, we are experienced in developing and negotiating collective agreements and creative problem-solving. 

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