Discord in music world as equality stalls, Precinct News, 9 September, 2015.   

Finland’s Kaija Saariaho, whose alluring and shimmering sound worlds have made her a candidate for the world’s most revered female composer, has had an uneasy relationship with the feminist label. But in November 2013 she gave the music world a serve during a speech at McGill University, claiming things were going backwards for women....more

Katharine Brisbane's tough love for the arts, At the Festival, 21 May 2015.   

She’s been described as the doyenne of Australian theatre, the den  mother of Australian playwrights and an elder of the theatre tribe.  But Katharine Brisbane is also renowned for speaking her mind and she’s recommending some tough love for the sector. Sue McCreadie speaks to her about her recent Platform Paper...more


Tim Kain reflects on three decades at ANU School of Music,  Fine Music, January 2015, (page 7).   

During three decades as a full time lecturer at the ANU School of Music Tim Kain built the guitar department's reputation to the point where it became the "go to" place in Australia, attracting the creme de la creme of up and coming players. Many of his students have gone on to win major international competitions and establish successful performing careers. Controversial changes in 2012 saw the school shift away from elite performance training...more

Piracy: Shooting sparrows with a cannon, Screen Hub, 14 October, 2014   

Or whacking moles?  As the old adage says, where you stand depends on where you sit. Sue McCreadie, serious purveyor of policy explanation, takes on the horrible task of simplifying the various positions. Hallelujah!...more


Imagining other dimensions, Fine Music, September 2013 (page 11).   

The Sydney Conservatorium turned one hundred this year and in the lead up to its centenary the institution commissioned 101 new works. International luminaries such as John Corigliano, Arvo Part and Michael Nyman came on board along with a who's who of Australian composers.  Sue McCreadie spoke with Richard Charlton and Raffaele Agostino about their latest collaboration...more

Music gets small boost as arts industry steps up criticism of curriculum reviewTamarillo Media, October 22, 2014

Music appeared to be the winner this week in the proposed shakeup of the national arts curriculum. The federal government announced a new music education mentorship scheme to be led by Richard Gill, one of Australia’s most impassioned advocates of music education. But the announcement was not enough to diffuse criticism from the arts community ...more

Independent arts urged to think outside the box, Tamarillo Media, September 15, 2014

The 200-seat theatre - a restored Baptist tabernacle in Darlinghurst - was barely a quarter full, though a few heavyweights from the arts community were sighted.  Perhaps the dry afternoon suggested by the event’s title – “Where are the canapés” – was the turnoff?...more